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Quality Construction Builders In Joplin

Have you ever been part of a remodeling project for a home or business? If you have, you’ll know that they seldom go according to plan and the work needing done is normally more extensive than what was first estimated. Some of this is due to normal wear and tear on...

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Finding A Safe Construction Company In Joplin MO

It’s not easy to find a construction company that has a safety track record you feel confident in. While it’s no secret that our company is one of the premiere commercial construction companies in the four state area, we know that part of the reason why is due to our...

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A Look At Metal Buildings: Why Our Custom Builders Use Metal

Although this may seem like a surprise to seasoning construction builders, steel is sometimes overlooked as a construction material in modern buildings. From skyscrapers to hospitals and schools to office spaces, steel provides a great number of benefits as a choice...

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The Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Construction

As a construction company who has experience in both commercial and industrial construction projects, we’ve noticed some distinct differences between the two in our years. For a civilian, or someone not trained in construction, you may not see a big difference, but...

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A Brief Look Into Bidding and Construction Contracts

Bidding rules can be confusing, especially for newcomers to the construction scene. If you are wondering what it means to public or hard bid, and how it can benefit you, read on for a brief look into bids. When is a Hard Bid Used? A hard bid is a term used in...

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The Benefits of a Safe Construction Site

Each year, hundreds of accidents occur on various construction sites around the world. In many cases, these accidents are related to improper equipment operation due to faulty equipment, ill-advised practices or untrained operators. Oftentimes, the victims of these...

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