It may come as a surprise to some, but HGTV did not invent the term DIY. Did you know the phrase “do it yourself” goes all the way back to 1912 when it was published in an issue of “Suburban Life”? 

We know most people love doing things themselves, but one thing that should never be started without a licensed contractor is a commercial building project! 

Tried & True Method

Most businesses haven’t let the DIY movement scare them. Tool and building materials companies have begun creating content with DIYers using their tools or materials to complete a project. We all know that the key to any successful building project is having the right tools and materials to get the job done right. Here at RE Smith, we conduct all aspects of the building process so you don’t have to spend any time doing it yourself- that’s why you should never face DIY large commercial contracting projects alone!

We do endorse using small local businesses to help you with your residential building needs! There have been several DIYers turned small business owners in the area that can help you complete your smaller, residential projects- just make sure they are licensed and have insurance! 

Commercial Contracting ≠ YouTube Tutorial 

Most at-home DIYers will not be willing to take on the complex projects represented in complex building videos- but if they see the source material as skilled, knowledgeable, approachable, and trustworthy- they will likely believe it as fact. If they don’t want to tackle that project themself, they’re more likely to hire the contractor that showed how well they could do it! At RE Smith we have the tools and expertise to get your projects done on schedule. 

We Build to Code

Folks enjoy working with their hands and learning new skills, but that doesn’t always mean these same people are capable of completing professional construction projects up to code. This knowledge gap has created new opportunities for residential contractors to do remodel cleanups, where they fix any issues created by the amateur builder and complete the project properly for the homeowner.

Residential contractors that focus on providing solutions rather than discouraging people from starting DIY projects become valuable resources to homeowners. As commercial contractors we find the solutions for you- so your commercial project is done right.

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RE Smith admires the DIY spirit, that’s where our company started, and our team recognizes the personal growth that results from learning new skills and taking on challenging projects. We understand the sense of pride you feel when you make something. We feel that same sense of pride in catering to the needs of our clients, creating innovative solutions, and staying forward-focused in project planning.

We are excited to help you or your business with your next project! 

If you have a project you’d like a consultation on, or if you’re looking for a general contractor in the four-state area, contact our offices in Joplin, MO. We’d love to hear from you.

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