As you begin your search for a reliable commercial construction company in the Four States area we have compiled five helpful questions that you should ask yourself about each company to ensure that you hire the very best!

Total Project Cost? 

One of the most important factors when choosing your commercial construction company for your project is to consider the total cost of your project. How much will it cost to hire your general contractors? 

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Does everyone involved have insurance?

Construction projects come with a risk of accidents, and for that, you will want to make sure you are insured and that your construction company is insured before starting the project. Good news for you though- construction companies are legally required to carry insurance in case any mishaps happen during the building stages of the project. When starting a new project, it’s safe to double-check this before jumping head-first into a project with your commercial construction contractors.

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Does the timeline make sense?

As much as you want your building completed on time- so do your contractors. Inclement weather happens, and should be considered when scheduling out a timeline. Remember that contractors have to include the type of project, the complexities of the build, and the availability of all materials and labor when laying out a realistic timeline for your project to be complete. Material wait times and shipping delays do affect the timeline of a build. It is important that everyone discuss the timeline and make sure that everyone is in agreement on when, and how the building is to be completed- no one likes surprises!

What experience does their team have?

When choosing your contractors for the project, it is important to take a look at their past work and experience to evaluate if the company would be the right fit for you. You can check out some of our amazing commercial projects HERE. It’s best if the construction company you are considering has extensive work in the type of building or business you are creating- whether that be residential or commercial. Although a lot of commercial contractors work with similar projects, we recommend picking one that specializes in the building you wish to create. 

Is The Company Good At Project Management?

You do not want to have to worry about monitoring your construction project every step of the way- that’s why you want a good project manager. How does your team handle project management when they hire subcontractors for different jobs? Will there be someone on-site at all times working with the architects, engineers, plumbers, and electrical crew? Here at RE Smith we take the hassle out of worrying about your building project. We have project managers that make sure your project is completed on time- the first time! 

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