Recently thousands of people across the country gathered together with family and friends in order to celebrate Independence Day. In honor of the occasion, many gathered around the grill to enjoy a burger or a hotdog as they watched the fireworks cascade overhead. It’s an American tradition. One that celebrates our freedoms and what it means to be a part of this great nation.

Freedom is a very special thing and is something none of us should take lightly. While we often fail to consider just how precious our freedom really is, Independence Day provides a great opportunity to stop and consider just how great a gift we’ve been given by those who came before us. Our forefathers sacrificed greatly with many paying the ultimate price so that we could live as free men and women in America.

In some ways, they were some of the first design build contractors and used the same process that we currently employ in our commercial construction projects. They laid out the foundation, set forth a plan to accomplish it and then moved forward in the direction of a dream that still continues to this day.

We want to celebrate those who continue to sacrifice in order to protect our freedoms and we want to celebrate all who treasure America and consider themselves a patriot.

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