Have you heard of smart buildings? Expectations are high for construction teams to embrace these technological advances when it comes to commercial buildings. The concept of constructing smart buildings began as an effort to conserve energy and to build commercial and residential buildings that are energy efficient.

Along with conserving energy, smart buildings will be more efficient at saving money. Check out these three impressive smart building trends that will likely be popping up in the coming months.

Energy Efficient Buildings

The use of IoT network sensors will provide information to help property or building managers to reduce waste through abilities like temperature and HVAC sensors, offline and real-time communication, weather forecasts, and more.

Air Quality Measurement

A building’s air quality can have a substantial impact on productivity. IoT devices can measure the air quality and CO2 level management through a variety of sensors. When these sensors are in place, they can connect to a ventilation system, which can maintain a healthy air environment and reduce air pollution.

Predictive Maintenance

We think many of landlords and property managers will be excited about this predictive maintenance feature. Predictive maintenance uses IoT sensors to respond with reports on the building’s current state. Unexpected issues that usually occur with preventative maintenance will be overcome with predictive maintenance measures.

These are just three of the many benefits that can be brought to realization through the use of IoT smart buildings. Smart buildings will allow facility managers to use technology to improve the upkeep of building equipment and avoid lost productivity. The technology will be based in Bluetooth powered networks of sensors and beacons that enable indoor positioning and location-based services. These advanced services enhance the occupant and visitor experience and extend the long-term return of smart building investments.

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