During this month, millions of Americans will travel with family and friends to various locations to celebrate the freedoms that we hold dear in this country.

There will be picnics and fireworks and displays of all types in celebration always been able to achieve in the last 200 years.

Our forefathers fought and died so that we could live as free men and women. They sacrificed so that we could work and play without fear of oppression or tyranny. This was their dream and they were willing to lay down their lives to protect it.

Today our soldiers continue to protect this freedom at home and abroad.

We here at RE Smith want to recognize the sacrifice of these brave men and women and celebrate them for their service.

Their diligence and dedication allows us the opportunity to continue to live and work in a free country. Our work as commercial builders in Joplin, MO is made possible through their work across the globe. We’re able to serve our clients because of their untiring service to us.

To all of those who work to keep America safe to defend our borders, we salute and commend your service and celebrate our freedom and independence alongside all Americans.