Are you interested in hiring a commercial contractor? You may have stumbled onto our site through a simple search on the internet, or you may have seen our signs at a job we’re currently completing for one of our customers. In any case, you’re here, reading this because you need the services of a commercial builder. However, it can be difficult to know what your first step in hiring a contractor should be if you’ve never been through the process.

Does Your Project Need A Commercial Contractor?

In most cases, the first thing you should ask is whether your project really needs a commercial contractor. While you may think all contractors are the same, there’s a vast difference between a residential and a commercial contractor. A residential contractor specializes in projects involving home construction, repair and remodel; a commercial contractor works on projects such as builds and remodels of hospitals, corporate office spaces, restaurants, universities, stadiums, and more. Their services generally involve things involving permitting, public bids, and pre-construction services, especially if they work as design-build contractors.

If your project involves one of those larger items and requires a broad scope of work, then the answer is probably yes. Commercial contractors can significantly decrease the difficulty involved in a project simply by utilizing their knowledge of what building codes and permits are required to begin construction. Tasks involving obtaining permits and working in such a way as to adhere to all regulations can be an overwhelming task. Contractors make this process a lot easier for the land or building owner since they already know what’s required and how to attain it. They make sure the process flows smoothly and guide the progress of a project along a timeline to ensure efficient completion. This gives the owner peace of mind, knowing that their project is being handled with care and quality.

How To Find Your Commercial Contractor

Now that we’ve established some benefits of a commercial contractor, let’s discuss the process of retaining one for your project and what you’ll need to know along the way.

The first thing you’ll need to do is contact the firm you’re considering and ask for a bid. This allows the contractor to assess and review your project and to draw up a list of plans that include an estimated cost. They’ll go over these plans with you in detail, making sure you understand the process of each stage of construction. Once you feel they know what you’re trying to achieve and have detailed the process thoroughly, you can discuss price and begin construction. The best contractors provide regular and detailed communication, which will significantly reduce the stress that’s often associated with construction projects. They’ll check in with you along the way to make sure you’re kept apprised of the work that’s being done. If changes need to be made throughout the project, they’ll be able to work with you in order to make sure those changes are made in a manner that satisfies your needs. Overall, you’ll be glad you chose to work with a reputable commercial contractor for your construction project.

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