We see a lot of diversity today between various construction companies and what they claim to offer to their clients in their attempts to win the opportunity to serve them in their commercial construction needs as general contractors.

Some will tout their experience and show off an extensive portfolio of the buildings they’ve completed and the work that they’ve been able to accomplish. Sadly, too often in cases like these, experience is seen as the goal and shortcuts are made to get there and the customer suffers as a result.

Some will brag on their credentials, their licenses, their certifications and their ability to complete a job to a certain standard. The problem that sometimes exist is that there is very little experience other than the certifications.

At RE Smith Construction, we don’t believe you should have to choose between a contractor with experience and one with credentials.

We’re proud of all the credentials we’ve earned and the certifications that are held by our company, but we also have the experience that testifies of the quality of our work. When you build with us, you build with excellence and there is never a need to choose between having experience and having credentials.

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