One of the best ways to ensure positive relations with your commercial contractor is to give them the information necessary to complete the project on time. This allows for a more seamless, stress-free process throughout the life of the commercial construction project. Here are three keys for finishing projects on time.

Hire the Contractor Early

The sooner you hire your commercial builder, the more likely it is that your project will be completed on time. As design build contractors, it’s always advantageous to be able to provide counsel from the very beginning. This allows us to more effectively plan for construction and any challenges we may face along the way.

Avoid Budgeting Hurdles

Too often a client will have an idea and will wait until it’s finalized before consulting a commercial builder. Once the builder sees the plans, he may realize that the client has under budgeted for the project. Plans must then be changed to accommodate the budget, resulting in a lot of wasted time that could have been avoided. Consult your commercial builder throughout the planning phase so that you save time and money throughout the life of the project.

Cultivate Clear Communication

Once construction is underway, clear communication and scheduling is critical to completing the project on time. If any problems arise along the way, having clear channels of communication will allow the problem to be solved efficiently and effectively, resulting in a greater likelihood of timely completion.

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