At R.E. Smith Construction, we hold safety at the forefront of our daily operations. A big part of this commitment is practicing daily and consistent hard hat protection. To the naked eye, a hard hat may not seem like much, but great care has been taken so that they are specially engineered to protect our workers at construction sites.

Hard hats are equipped with the following benefits in order to facilitate safe construction:

  • A hard shell that deflects impacts that occur to the head
  • A specially designed suspension system within the hat to absorb shocks to the helmet
  • Hard hats can be modified to add face shields, goggles, hoods, or hearing protection

You may be reading this and wondering why a hard hat is worth mentioning. Well at, R.E. Smith Construction, we strive daily to keep our workers safe by taking safety precautions whenever possible. We take safety seriously down to the very last detail because we believe that details matter.

It’s this attention to detail that has allowed our company to successfully serve the region since 1952.

We serve the four-state area with hard hats and helping hands down to the very last detail.

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