Everyone loves a little rest and recreation, which is why we enjoy building efficient, long lasting, and beautiful recreational landmarks. We have served the four state area since 1952, helping create several wonderful project to improve the quality of life and several communities such as Nevada, MO, Springfield, MO, Wyandotte, OK, Riverton, KS, and of course Joplin, MO.

It takes a strong skill set to be able to create everything from a public park to a climate controlled indoor tennis court. We have had the honor of building several fun water parks such as the Mercy Park and the Lamar Aquatic Center in you guessed it, Lamar, MO. As a custom builder construction firm we have learned to be very versatile and to adapt with the times. This means seeing what has worked and hasn’t worked in the past and present. We strive to work with materials that will leave less of a carbon footprint on each area we build on as well. We were also truly humbled to receive the Kansas City chapter of AGC building award for excellence, with this new award made us raise our standards even more to be know as the best construction firm in the four state area.

If you have questions about our construction firm please come see us at our Joplin, MO. office, or you can give us a call at 417-623-4545. We have many more examples of our past work and awards listed, as well as client testimonials to share. We look forward to visiting with you very soon.