Often times you hear the term LEED in reference to a building and its construction. It sounds nice, but few know what it means or the benefit that it can bring to a company that chooses to pursue the certification in its designs.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council’s website, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design and was established in 2000.

The LEED rating system has five building levels based on a 100-point scale. Point prerequisites are considered with environmental impacts and human benefits of the building-related impacts:

Certified: 40-49 points

Silver: 50-59 points

Gold: 60-79 points

Platinum: 80+ points

This rating system encourages designers to construct buildings that promote an eco-friendly future. LEED Certification is one of the highest and most recognizable marks of achievement in green building and recognizes best building strategies and practices.

The benefit to the consumer is that a LEED Certified building can help to lower the bottom line in areas of operating cost, while raising the value of your building as an asset. It helps sustain energy, water and other resources and helps to give occupants a safer and healthier environment.

In case you were wondering, a LEED certified building can achieve benefits such as reducing operating costs, increasing asset value, sustaining energy, water and other resources, and providing occupants with a safer and healthier environment.

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