Often times when considering commercial builders for a commercial construction project, one of the questions that must be considered is which firm to hire for the job. A national contractor will have a large portfolio to showcase their work on various projects, whereas a local builder will have a greater appreciation for your area and what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re considering this question in your own search, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Do they have experience in that particular project?

  • It doesn’t matter how much you like the firm, how long you’ve known the owners or how much their location saves you money if they have no experience in that area. If you’re building a commercial structure, you need someone who has more experience than simply building residential homes.

Do they have access to good quality subcontractors?

  • Any construction firm of any size to speak of will have a wide network of subcontractors to choose from that can help them to complete the projects their assigned on schedule. A larger firm has a well-developed network they can depend on and have existing relationships with those subcontractors so that you know your project is in good hands.

Do they understand your standards on your brand?

  • If you’re opening a new location close to the original location, you have a lot of options as you can use the first location as a model for the second. When this happens, it’s easier to trust a smaller construction firm as you have a more direct line of communication and make sure that the finished project is what you envisioned. However, if you don’t have the luxury of having an existing model nearby, or even if you do, it pays to partner with a contractor who is large enough to have worked on similar projects before in a wide variety of industries. You can rest assured that their experience will allow them to have a good understanding of your brand and the standards you expect which will allow them to deliver a quality project.

What is the projected growth rate?

  • If you plan to stay local or only want to open one location, then a local construction firm will allow you to save on your expenses, but as you grow and your locations multiply, you need to have a construction partner who has the resources to keep up with that growth.

What’s the project?

  • This again comes back to experience. If all your needing developed is a small store then you may be able to trust a local firm to do the job, however if you intend to grow or if the project is of any magnitude, then you need someone who can bring a well-developed portfolio and has a broad range of experience to the table.


The Bottom Line


Experience is the main qualifier in choosing a firm and finding one you can trust to be honest and ethical in their dealings is also of upmost importance. We’re a local firm that has grown into a national brand and so we’re able to handle a wide variety of projects and clients. We have the experience and equipment to tackle any project, but have never lost that hometown heart that our customers have come to rely on. If you’re looking for commercial builder, we’d love to talk with you. Contact our offices in Joplin, MO to schedule a consultation.