Have you ever been part of a remodeling project for a home or business? If you have, you’ll know that they seldom go according to plan and the work needing done is normally more extensive than what was first estimated. Some of this is due to normal wear and tear on parts and materials, however, there some issues that are merely the symptom of a more serious problem. When general contractors begin to cut corners and skimp on quality in order to save their bottom line, it’s almost always a recipe for disaster.

At RE Smith Construction, we believe things should operate just a little bit differently than most and work to make sure we’re providing quality commercial construction at every stage in the life of the project. It’s that commitment to excellence and devotion to detail that has made us one of the premiere contractors in the four state area. We accomplish this by providing extensive pre-construction services, employing a design-build process and working that process with drive and conviction.

To learn more about the difference we can provide in your next project, contact our Joplin, MO offices and let us know how we can help you. We look forward to your call.