Each year, hundreds of accidents occur on various construction sites around the world. In many cases, these accidents are related to improper equipment operation due to faulty equipment, ill-advised practices or untrained operators. Oftentimes, the victims of these accidents aren’t limited to machine operators, but can include people on the ground such as laborers and bystanders as well. Most of the time, these accidents could have been prevented had a few precautions been taken ahead of time to ensure safe operation on the job site. As one of the premiere commercial construction companies in the four state area, we strive to maintain safe and efficient work environment that employ the necessary safety precautions in order to incidents low. If you or someone you know is about to undertake a construction project, here are a few tips to keep in mind along the way…

Be Cautious When Operating Heavy Equipment in Reverse
While you may not think of it as being a life threatening activity, going in a backwards motion while operating heavy machinery can be one of the most dangerous things one can do in a construction area. While most machines have backup alarms installed, injuries can still occur if caution isn’t used. The best way to prevent backup injuries is to climb out of the machine and look before operating in reverse. If you’re unable to see clearly behind you while driving, then stop what you’re doing and ask someone to help guide you before continuing.

Use Safety when Loading and Unloading Equipment
Whenever you are unloading or loading a machine, there is always a real danger of machine roll-over. In order to minimize that danger as much as possible, it’s important to stay centered whenever going up or down ramps. Also, be sure to give yourself enough room to effectively operate the machine, along with having someone nearby to help troubleshoot any potential problems before they become major issues. All of this will help to minimize the risk of machine roll-over.
Concentration is another important factor to consider when loading or unloading machines. All nonessential people and personnel should be cleared from the immediate area before you begin. The machine should also be at zero-point energy (the lowest amount of energy an object can have) before commencing any work.

Use Safety When Entering and Exiting Equipment
Climbing in and out of heavy machinery causes more injuries on construction sites than other activity. These injuries affect countless truck drivers, fork lift operators and all kinds of other machine operators in construction sites. In order to avoid these types of injuries, examine your boots and gloves for any slippery substances before climbing into machinery. Secure a stable hand hold and make sure your foot is securely planted before attempting to climb into any machine.

To learn more about safe construction or how we can help make your construction dreams a reality, contact our offices in Joplin, MO and schedule a consultation. Our team of commercial builders have helped hundreds of business owners and we’re certain we have a solution that’s right for your needs.