Have no doubt! As the construction industry is undergoing great change in the way projects are being done and delivered, embracing safety programs and policies helps companies to stay competitive and effective. Strengthening construction job safety not only reduces the dangers and risks for workers but it also increases the productivity and quality of the work you are contracted to deliver. With that said, focusing solely on finding the right construction skills for your business needs is not enough. Below we discuss the great benefits of construction safety for your company and what they mean to your success.

Safer Jobsites
Accidents are preventable! They occur for a variety of reasons such as a lack of safety management practices, complacency, limited or no training, improper equipment or tools, and a general disregard for construction job safety which increases risks and hazards for the workforce. By committing to a safety culture that starts with upper management and flows to the front line workers, includes safety training and mandates the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) construction companies are able to reduce injuries and improve their productivity and competitiveness.

No Project Disruptions
One of the great benefits of construction safety for any firm is the impact it has on the completion of projects timely. Delivering a project on time does not solely depend on the construction skills of the tradespeople; it is also reliant upon their ability to work safely on the job site. When safety practices are adopted and strictly enforced, incidents that would jeopardize the health and safety of the workers are prevented, and the painful impact of a project delay is avoided. This clearly leads to improved performance for contractors and timely results for their clients. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Staff Retention
Would you work for a construction company with a poor safety culture? How long would you stay with a company that doesn’t deals with safety issues right away? Don’t bother answering. Companies that fail to provide safe work environments are unable to retain their workforce, at least in the long term. On the contrary, when they comply with the OSHA regulations, provide all necessary PPE, regularly complete Job Hazard Analysis, eliminate jobsite exposures, listen to their workers when concerns are raised, they enjoy the benefits of safe worksites which translate to both high retention rates of current workers and increased flow of new workers. In other words, when you promote working safely, obtain buy-in with your safety culture, you preserve your existing workforce and you become the first choice of new talent to come on board. They know you care about them.

Great Reputation
No company wants their name on the evening news reporting a catastrophic injury that occurred to one of their employees. So, what is your company’s safety reputation in the construction industry? What is your plan to improve it and be established as a known leader? When you think of ways to make a difference, keep in mind that embracing a safety strong culture, mandating safety practices to adhere to, and promoting workers to raise concerns on known hazards are critical components to being recognized as an industry leader in safety. Investing in safety improves the quality of your work and allows you to build a name that is tied to safe results for your clients. Your firm’s reputation puts you on the top of your clients’ list of choices when it comes to future projects.

Increased ROI
To complete a quality and profitable project on schedule, you must eliminate jobsite hazards and risks, deploy a workforce that follows all rules and regulations and invoke a relentless, always improving, safety culture. Any firm that invests in safety practices is going to experience a positive return on their investment (ROI). Injuries lead to higher insurance premiums and potential OSHA fines, which can be detrimental to a company’s viability. Your safety culture will allow you to achieve a high level of productivity and competitiveness that is crucial for success.

Key Takeaways to The Benefits of Construction Safety for Your Company:
1.  An enduring safety culture creates safe workers and safe job sites
2.  Adopting and enforcing safety practices eliminates project disruptions
3.  Commitment to safety improves staff retention and attracts new talent
4.  Steadfast safety policies/practices allow a firm to establish a great reputation in the industry
5.  Your safety culture has a tremendous impact on a firm’s productivity and competitiveness

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