One of the things that is necessary in almost any job that we undertake is a quality project management process. This is critical for our success and allows us to serve our clients in the best way possible. In case you were wondering what that process entails, here is a brief overview.

The Project Management Process

Once the bidding is complete, the project manager will start the construction phase. This is typically where the five stages of project management begin.

Initiation – this is useful in starting a project and is an evaluation of its feasibility. Once the involved parties complete their evaluations with due diligence, the project can move forward.

Planning – this is where the roadmap for completion is developed. A project management plan (PMP) will be developed which is an approved document outlining the project election, control, budgets and schedules. Here the project manager will also develop the scope documentation, work breakdown schedule, communication plan and the plan for risk management.

Execution – as the work begins, the team will begin assigning resources, completing tasks, developing tracking systems, updating the project schedule and modifying the project plan.

Monitoring – goes hand in hand with the execution phase and measures progress along the way to keep items on schedule with the plan.

Closure – this is the last phase and consists of project completion.

There are a lot of things involved in the process and it takes plenty of skill to have everything run smoothly. Many commercial builders will have a dedicated system for how they move through the five steps based on knowledge and experience.

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