Bidding rules can be confusing, especially for newcomers to the construction scene. If you are wondering what it means to public or hard bid, and how it can benefit you, read on for a brief look into bids.

When is a Hard Bid Used?
A hard bid is a term used in commercial construction. Commercial construction is the building of office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and stores in an urban area.

How Does a Hard Bid Work?
Most public contracts are hard bid contracts. A project owner selects an architect who designs a project. Then a public bid advertisement attracts contractors, who submit bids based on the architect’s plans. The lowest budget wins the project.

How to Hard Bid a Project to Multiple Contractors

Prequalify Your Contractors
A project owner wants to minimize the cost of construction while ensuring the construction company will provide high-quality work. To increase the likelihood of both of these wants being met, a project owner should prequalify their general contractors.

Break Down The Project
Just asking for a total, final figure will not help a project manager choose a contractor. However, breaking down the price will. Asking your potential contractor to break down their price will help you see how the contractor will spend the money.

Create A Precise Hard Bid Presentation
Be thorough in your specifications to help avoid any miscommunication or disappointments once the project is complete. Being precise about what you want can also assist the commercial contractors in coming up with their estimates when preparing their bids. Which means more well thought-out, potential bids for you!

Remember: The Lowest Price Does Not Mean The Best Price
While the lowest bid may look great in terms of figures, the lowest does not always equate to the best bid. Remember to look for a qualified contractor willing to break down figures on and have a good track record of previous successful commercial projects.

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